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Machines for tire repairments, melted alluminum models, mining and calcination equipment.

Machines for tire repairments and melted alluminum models:

We’re pleased to present some of our line of products: Machines for tire repairments, referred to as “off road” tires.

We have been developing and building these types of equipments since 1977. These machines are to find solutions for tire repairment, concerning remolding and fixing used tires.Which can be of some advantage instead of buy new ones.

Features: Built in steel and electronic parts.Tire elevation control to retainers. Horizontal adjustment by pneumatics cylinders with safety system. Tire traction by contact.Used for tire scraping and fastening new rubber to used tires. Automatic Inflation by prestostate and desinflation by solenoid valve with safety system.

Characteristics: Construction in steel. Heating system by vapor. Made in 3 or 4 sections. Pneumactic System by manual command panel.
Capacities: 1300x24” up to 33.5x33

Characteristics: Melted in alluminum league of high resistance.
Models: Mining, Agricultural and Land Flatting.
Perfect Fit. Cut and adjustment according to the machines.

Characteristics: Made in steel starts by Pneumatic System.
Used to fix tires with small problems.

If you have any doubts about our products or to buy some item, please, contact us through this e-mail: arcomaquinas@arcomaquinas.com.br and we'll get you as soon as possible.

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